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xplore the mysteries of the universe, and some unsolved mysteries on the Moon. We have a research theme on the Moon "Try to build a permanent base for human activities" to meet the needs of scientific research, space tourism and other activities. To complete this research, we will: Explore the Moon: analyzethe lunar soil, minethe lunar minerals, use the lunarrover to collect samples of various resources on the surface of the moon; Explore the topography of the Moon Sea, Crater, etc. near the camp Build camp ecosystems: try to use the resources of Moon such as sunlight, hydrogen, oxygen, water, and other nutrients to build an ecosystem. Plant some plants and cultivate some microorganisms, and pay attention to the status of these organisms in space at any time; If the effect is better, try to introduce some animals that consume less into the ecosystem, such as goldfish. Research what advanced technologies we need to maintain the biosphere on the Moon.  Conduct various scientific studies: Take advantage of the characteristics of the Moon, such as low weight, low pressure, and high radiation. Various experiments should be conductedfor the long-term living of human on the Moon.